Patient Testimonials

We would like to share our experiences with Dr Ashutosh Gupta. We were referred to Dr Ashutosh fetal clinic in October 2019 for managing complications in our pregnancy. We already had a couple mishaps earlier so we were very anxious and stressed. Thankfully we found Dr Ashutosh who was there at every step managing and alleviating ou anxiety.

We had a complicated pregnancy with history of severe hypertension, single umbilical artery, lack of blood flow to the foetus etc.

He took us under his wings in 1st trimester and he used to do our all the scans during pregnancy. He used to spend good 45-50 mins in every sitting and guiding us on every aspect like what medicines to take, what to eat, how to manage workload etc. He kept us positive throughout those 8 months and never let our anxiety get better of us.

I would be eternally grateful for what he did for us in those rough times and by God grace we were blessed with a healthy and beautiful baby girl. Thank you sir and I would recommend everyone who is facing any issue to just meet him.
Dr. Prateek (Dentist)