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Foetal medicine is the branch of medicine that provides care for the foetus (or foetuses) and the mother. This includes assessment of foetal growth, wellbeing, diagnosis and the management of foetal disorders (foetal abnormalities) and counselling and support for parents.

The aim of specialised foetal medicine service is to provide patient a focused high quality evidence-based care to women with complex pregnancies or whose foetus (foetuses) has a confirmed or suspected disorder. The ability to improve the outcome of some foetal disorders has developed because of advances in prenatal diagnosis and therapy. Foetal medicine is the specialty that focuses on foetal health and its consequences for women and their families.

It is the branch of medical science that deals with the relevance and application of genetics in medical care which includes investigative research to understand the disorders that are genetically acquired along with their diagnosis, course of treatment as well as its management. It is division of science which deals with hereditary and genetic causes that leads to any disease-birth deficiency, inherited propensity to a health problem.

It covers the entire spectrum of treatment which includes precise diagnosis, prevention, management along with comprehensive counselling of common as well as atypical genetic disorders.